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How To Rule Your Unruly Curls

Unpredictable. Unruly. Inconsistent. Stubborn. Have you fallen out of love with your curly hair? Do you spend all your time trying to define your curls or make them straight and smooth with little success? We know your struggle & are here to help!

Curly hair is a beautiful blessing. However managing it can feel like a curse – which we know, sometimes can force you to give up & reach for the straighteners! But no we cry, there is a better way!

Your naturally curly hair is more fragile than straight hair due to the uneven curly shape of the hair fibres. These special fibres need extra love & protection, but once you give them the right kind of care they will love you right back, we promise!

What Does My Curly Hair Need?

So how do you know what your curls need? Well first you need to work out what type of curly hair you have! This is defined by the shape of your hair follicle, and the pattern that is formed when the strands of your hair come together – for example do they form a kink, curve or multiple spirals (you can have more than one of these on one head too!). Luckily, hair experts have created an easy to use system which breaks down the different kind of hair types;

Curly hair types

How Do I Find Out My Curl Type?

The numbers are for the type of shape, and the letters are for the width of the shape (A being the widest through to C being the smallest). The best way to find out which curly hair type you have, is to look closely at your hair strands when they are soaking wet and see which category they mostly fall into! If you are finding this difficult ask you hair stylist to look next time you are getting your hair washed at the basin!

So now you know what your curl type is, the next step is to find the best hair maintenance plan and product mix for you! But first, we are going to share with you our expert tips that apply to all types of curly hair….

Curly Hair

Natural Oils Are Your New Friend

Lack of natural oils can make curly hair very dry, damaged & frizzy, however the shape of curly hair follicles means it takes a while for natural oils to travel from your scalp to your ends. So to give the oils time to reach your tips, and for mother nature to work its magic, you need to leave longer in-between washes!

A New Relationship With Shampoo

Washing your hair with shampoo every time will strip out all the natural oils that your hair curly hair needs! To avoid this only use shampoo every other wash for a deep clean! In-between washes are all about cleansing & moisture, speak to your hair stylist about the best cleansing & hydration products for your curl type.

Hair Dye Does Not Like Natural Oils

a build up of natural oils can prevent dye from properly absorbing into your hair follicles. So before visiting the salon for your colour appointment make sure to thoroughly shampoo beforehand! Don’t worry your stylist will use moisture focused products throughout the process to ensure your hair isn’t left dehydrated from the shampoo and dye.

Scrunch Don't Brush

when styling never brush out your curls as this will cause them to go frizzy and lose definition. Always apply your chosen styling product and scrunch!


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