Energy Hair Satisfied Customer

Why Choose Energy Hair? Ask Our Satisfied Customer Yesi

I am absolutely petrified of trying new hair stylists, especially with my long thick corse hair! After my previous hair stylist changed careers to be an accountant I have been putting off the inevitable….trusting a total stranger with my hair, eeeek!! Because of this (plus a global pandemic!), it had got to June 2021 and over a year since my hair had visited a salon! (don’t judge!), after some Googling, the wonderful reviews of Energy Hair managed to relieve my anxiety enough to book online  & make the trip to Darts Farm.

From the moment I walked through the door the experience put me at ease, and exceeded every one of my expectations,

so I just had to tell everyone

about it!…..

Energy Hair Satisfied Customer

My Consultation

My first appointment was a consultation with my stylist Emma. From booking online I knew this was free of charge, & that nothing was going to be done to my hair that day, which put me at ease. Chatting to Emma about my hair was like talking to an old friend! She sat next to me & asked about my lifestyle, what I found good & what I found frustrating about my hair, and what I wanted to work towards. I was given a yummy coffee, everyone was so friendly! Emma advised me on a 3 step plan to reach my hair goal, and we booked in for an Olaplex treatment, cut & blow dry for a couple of weeks time (step 1 of the 3 step plan). After dreading trusting a stranger with my hair after all this time, I left the salon looking forward to seeing all these lovely people again!

Energy Hair Hair appoitment

The Big Day!

On the day of my appointment, I was a bit anxious (it was finally the day!), but overall so excited for a morning of pampering!! And the lovely people at Energy didn’t disappoint! After recapping my hair plan Emma washed my hair carefully explaining the products she was using, while providing the most wonderful head massage. And as if that wasn’t enough, the chair I was sitting in was massaging me as well! I melted into the seat & properly relaxed for what felt like the first time in a very long time.

One of the things I enjoyed most about my experience was the beautiful surroundings; the salon is light, bright, airy with fabulous lighting & gorgeous fittings & flowers. Being waited on and pampered, I really did feel like a celebrity for the morning!

After a good cut Emma blow dryed my hair & I could instantly feel the transformation in my hair health. Emma explained the Olaplex treatment worked hard to repair the broken fibres of my hair, as well strengthen them for the future.

I left feeling recharged, with fabulous hair transformed from dry lockdown damage – my stylist Emma really did work some pure magic!! I feel like me again, empowered and ready to take on the world!!

new hair consultation

Why Did I Choose Energy Hair?

Putting my trust in Energy was the best thing I did, it is so much more than just a hair dressers & I cannot wait to go back. Next step for my hair is colour, and I am SO excited, eeeeek! (no anxiety here bring on the new me!) Keep an eye out for the before & after photos they are going to be good!

Yesi Gabs.

Side view of new hair colour & cut
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