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Green Salon Collective

Energy Hair has Partnered with Green Salon Collective

According to a study by Southampton University, 99% of salon foil ends up in a landfill. At Energy Hair, we are committed to making our hair salon more sustainable. We are one of the first salons in the South West to partner with Green Salon Collective. This is an initiative that recycles almost all salon waste! As one of the largest independent salons in the UK, we recently won ‘Best Salon Design’ in The Salon Business Awards in November 2020. Furthermore, we are continuing to review our practices and identify how we can continue to improve, with our carbon footprint being just one item on our agenda.

Environmentally Friendly Hair Salon

Over the past year, getting your hair done has been one of the few luxuries that we have been able to enjoy. However, we recognise how the environment has been affected by this amenity we have all enjoyed. So, going into 2021 the salon decided it was time to help the planet. We wanted to stop the bad habits used in the hair industry, for example:

  • Pouring toxic hair colour down the sink
  • Throwing away used foils and colour tubes in the regular bin (as most of these can’t be recycled)
  • Throwing away waste hair from all the fresh cuts and glamourous restyles

What is the Green Salon Collective?

We pride ourselves in giving our clients a memorable ‘me time’ experience at our salon. Now, we can deliver this experience in a way that’s good for the planet, which is a win-win situation for us. The Green Salon Collective initiative rewards the planet by diverting easily recyclable materials that were previously being sent to landfill. These materials include aluminium foil, which can be recycled an infinite number of times!

In addition, waste hair is also taken care of. It will be used to either help adsorb oil from waterways, be added into gardeners composting mixtures or if it’s long enough, be donated to wig making charities. The initiative will also recycle excess colour, bleach, PPE and colour tubes. Each item will be separated to avoid cross contamination, which previously caused most of these materials to go to landfill.

Visit Our Eco-Friendly Salon

At Energy Hair, we recognise our future lies in the transparency of information and operating responsibly. Our Green Salon Collective Partnership delivers on this mission by using electric vans or carbon-neutral transportation for waste collection and providing profit donations to charities that include Foodcycle, Haircuts 4 The Homeless and Tree Planting. Nathan Plumridge, salon owner, says: “There is no excuse for the salon industry to fall behind anymore. It is imperative we look after the planet as well as our valued clients. Everyone should be able to treat themselves at a salon with peace of mind that they are getting the very best service and not harming the environment in the process.”

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